BalkAN Tango

Balkantango is the environmentalist perspective on a traditional craft.

Each of our upcycled products is a representation of the time and care we invest in creating the longest ever lasting accessories from bicycle inner tubes.

upcycled bicycle innertube for cyclists

Ever since the label’s founding in 2005, Balkantango creates black and gender-neutral bags and wallets.
Balkantango stands for sustainable local values that is reflected in our small-scale Europe-based fair production.
Being a pioneer of slow fashion movement, Balkantango’s product longevity and timeless design has ever been a statement for conscious urban style.


slow fashion for urban environmentalists

upcycled bicycle innertube for cyclists

Upcycling is the heartbeat of Balkantango. 
IPek, the creative spirit behind Balkantango, began experimenting with upcycling bicycle inner tubes in early 2000s Budapest. As the environmentalist trend of fair trade and local fashion started to emerge in that decade, Balkantango's gender-free design quickly made the brand a pioneer of wallets and accessories upcycling. Since then, fortunately, both veganism and eco-conscious lifestyle have become integral parts of urban life, and Balkantango proudly stands for these values since the very beginning of this trend.

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gender-free vegan black basics since 2005

The most significant hallmark of Balkantango's style is its timeless and gender-neutral design. Some of our products, produced since 2005 with the original cut, remain in trend today. Just as respect for nature forms the ethical foundation of our continuous upcycling, respect for the black material we reuse serves as the visual backdrop for our minimalist design. As Balkantango stands for reducing fashion consumption and manufactures products for everyday use, we take great pride in receiving images of Balkantango wallets and bags that have stood the test of time.

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slow fashion for urban environmentalists

Balkantango is all about slow fashion. Since we became a small local brand based in Basel, we have consciously adopted a slower approach in every aspect of our production and sale. Our wallets and bags are manufactured with the goal of extreme longevity, so we also take the time to produce them in a fair way. Balkantango has been standing for the same values for almost 20 years. Good work needs time, and as the saying goes, the tortoise not only wins the race against the hare but also lives longer. So let's learn from the tortoise and slow down.  

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Bags & Gymsac
Introducing the Budapest Bag – a timeless accessory upcycled for urban dwellers. Crafted from six punctured bicycle inner tubes, this medium-sized bag has been a vegan statement of sustainability since 2005.
Wallets & Purses
Introducing the Bucharest Wallet – a tribute to the skateboarding culture of the '90s infused with our commitment to sustainability. Crafted from upcycled bicycle inner tubes, this wallet channels old-school charm with a contemporary twist.
Beltbag & Funny pack
Introducing the Sarajevo Belt Bag – an adaptable accessory designed for urban explorers who value sustainability & style. 
Durably crafted from upcycled bicycle inner tubes, this belt bag reflects our commitment to eco-conscious fashion.

Frequently asked questions

How does Balkantango differ from other bag and wallet manufacturers?

Balkantango differentiates itself from typical bag and wallet manufacturers through its commitment to fair and local production, as well as its emphasis on activism and diversity. Unlike conventional manufacturers, Balkantango’s accessories are crafted with a deep-rooted adherence to fair-made principles, ensuring that all products are individually cut and sewn either in IPek’s workshop in Basel or by seamstresses from a Hungarian association dedicated to integrating people with special needs.
Since its establishment, Balkantango's production follows the zero-waste principle, continually refining its processes to achieve the most efficient material usage. Year after year, the brand gets closer to its goal through the most effective cutting techniques of a carefully working craftworkers’ crew.
This localized production minimizes environmental impact by avoiding long-distance shipping, with materials and products confined to European borders. Neither the materials nor the ready-made products of Balkantango travel more than 1,000km, which is considered a very short distance compared to global fashion standards.

Here you can read Balkantango’s story and how these values have become its establishment pillars.

How do you post Balkantango goodies I bought in your webshop?

We ensure that your Balkantango goodies are posted with care. All items purchased from our webshop are shipped in an eco-friendly packaging to minimize environmental impact. We use local postal services to keep our carbon footprint low and deliver your orders as sustainably as possible. Once your order is dispatched, you will receive a confirmation email. However, tracking information does not come automatically, so if you have any specific shipping requests or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. We post once a week, usually on Friday, so it might take time until you get your parcel. Slow fashion starts with a sustainable delivery system so we are thankful for your understanding.  

You can see some examples of package-design co-operation from the last twenty years here.

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